Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year New Goals

Wow it has been a while since I even remembered that I had this thing. Maybe in my non existent free time I will start using it! :-) I wanted to comment on Tom's Blog and Zackary's cousins all have one that I wanted to make a comment on and so I just typed in my user name and there I popped up. I should be more careful with things I sign up for!!!!

And on that note I decided its time to post my resolutions. Maybe if they are here in the public, and I have openly admitted that I am trying them, it will inspire me to act on them.

#1: I will take myself out of situations that make me miserable this year. IE: Working at the Smokehouse, my situation with Chris, getting worked up over nothing. Etc.

#2: I will eat breakfast daily. I can’t guarantee that I will eat better all the time, or for the whole year. But I can eat breakfast. How hard is a little toast?

#3....If I've had it since the ninth grade, if I look at it and think 'God thats ugly', if I haven't worn it in over two years, if I'm only keeping it because my mom-grandma-twin-aunt-boyfriend-etc gave it to me, if it will never ever fit me again, and if I have 8 of the same brown tank top...I will donate it to charity.

#4: I will take better care of my body including but not limited to: moisturizer, vitamins and exercise. I won't lie...I'm getting chubby. It may be a direct result of Grad school snack time, Mcdonalds runs, and Grande White Chocolate Mocha...but who can give up those?

#5: I will take better care of my sanity. For example, I will go home to see the people I love more frequently (much more frequently!!), I will read a book that is not a text book or a teaching manual or written for 7th graders, I will take more and longer bubble baths and not make myself shave my legs (so there), I will not be afraid to order wine with dinner (even if I am out with grandma), I will not let people push me around, I will be nicer to my dog.

#6: I will take better care of my house. We’re gonna start with making the bed every day and go from there. Baby steps.

Annnnd I’m spent. Six is enough to start with I think…at least with six I have better chances of actually following through with one right?

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