Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm sorry, I'm just an idiot

If your job were to collect tolls on the thru-way would you not expect that you should be able to count change?
If you were a bag boy at the grocery store, one would hope that you could get those tricky little plastic bags open.
If you are a teacher I would expect that you could manage to average grades together maybe even focus an over head projector.
A laywer, I would hope that you were a master of saying things like "Yes your honor" and have the ability to write in legal gobel-ti-gook.
I would assume that a doctor would know how to check blood pressure, and that a mail man know how to open a mail box.

You get my point.

Thus I assume that the director of the educaton program at Roberts Wesleyan College would know what classes are required for....you guessed it....a degree in education. Maybe I would be pushing it to hope that she would also know what classes are being offered this summer.

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