Saturday, March 31, 2007

ugh. I hate being a moral, upright, good person

Today one of the other managers at work showed up one hour and twenty minutes late for her waitressing shift with out calling. Her excuse: I fell asleep. (after being up till 6am drinking and playing poker and doing who knows what drugs). I hate her guts.

Not for being late. Not for being out all night. Not for napping. Not even for not calling and making her co-workers work a longer shift to cover her. (and this didn't even effect me because I was bar tending.)

I hate her guts because were it me I would be ravaged with guilt. I would feel like complete scum. I would have hopped out of bed, shoved my hair in a lopsided pony tail and raced to work. I would have apologized a million times to the girls who stayed late to cover me...i would not have "Looked at the clock, realized I would be late, and went back to sleep for ten minutes because I said 'what the hell, I'm already late'..." I would not have made time to shower or put on makeup. I would feel like crap.....

I hate her guts because she barely shrugged about it. Because she didn't care or apologize about it...and because there will be no consequences for her actions. Why you ask? Because she is screwing the general manager.....

I am not bitter. I just wish that once and a while I could forget that my momma taught be to be an honest, hard worker, and I would just be a selfish bitch. I wish I could have no responsibilities except for working at the bar, and could stay out till 6am and screw my friends and co-workers and not care about it. Just one time.

I'm done venting. Thank you.

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