Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Most people blog to keep in touch with friends and family or perhaps because they have some aspirations of being a witty journalist in some online E-zine. Me? Well I mostly do it to put off doing my homework, or instead of shoveling the driveway, and sometimes just so that I have an excuse to sit at my computer and do nothing. I don't think that anyone really reads this EVER, and I havent given the address to very many of my friends and family. So really what is the point?

The point is, that I can sit here and tell this blank screen that today I cleaned my entire bathroom, (with Lysol, not just a damp piece of toilet paper to clean the gunk off the mirror so I can see in it.) I vacuumed the stairs which I loathe doing because I inevitably will drop the vacuum cleaner down the stairs or on my foot. I scrubbed the oven and stove top until it sparkled. I DUSTED THE TV! (and believe it or not there is nothing wrong with the picture it was just dirty) I did dishes, organized my closet, and even mopped the floor....and I feel pretty proud of myself.

And you know what? This blank screen won't tell me to shut up, or mention that no one cares, or tell me that everyone cleans their house, works full time jobs, takes care of their family members and goes to school as well. This blank screen won't make me feel insignificant, or inferior or even try to one up me. And I really like that feeling....

Especially after a crappy crappy weekend.

So now, with my dish pan hands, Im gonna go enjoy a glass of wine. Because this blank screen won't tell me that drinking by myself is inappropriate.

....that's grandma's job, and she comes tomorrow....(did i dust on top of the entertainment center yet....???!!!)


斗武 (Tomu) said...

I just started reading your blog!!!
Yay for having a loyal contingent of readers! Maybe not a contigent, but one anyways. So, maybe instead we can say "loyal readership." You like?
But, dude, your house sounds pretty rank.

Scott said...

I read your blog. And I drink while I do it.


c0cky said...


Don't ever give up. I love reading your blog, hearing about your life on the other side of the Atlantic. Please - please keep writing!!

Lets face it, life is crappy, but then something good comes along and we appreciate it all the more.

I am married and have three kids and three step kids and a dopey dog and sometimes I think how boring my life is, but something cool comes along and life is good again (at least for a few days more!)

And btw, I think you sound like a really nice, genuine person. I think that's what blogs are about, expressing your honesty and if someone judges - so what!!

Enjoy life and then you will enjoy life.

WhiskeyLynx said...

I just recently started my own blog on Blogger, and was randomly clicking around blogs when I found yours. The reason yours caught my eye is because you are a teacher, and I will be studying to become a teacher come fall, so I decided to read it, from the beginning. So far, there have been a lot of things that I can relate to in your posts. And I feel a little weird commenting on a post that's 4 or so years old, but I had to. And I totally agree with c0cky's comment!


mollymaureen said...

I love that you commented on a years old post, because it made me re-read that post and see how very far I have come! :-)