Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Love for England

By far my favorite memory of college is my summer study abroad in England with Todd....Zack had just dumped me with no warning the weekend before my final exams, which I subsequently failed 3 of 5 due to lack of sleep, crying hysterically and no energy from not eating...I had been so excited about spending the three weeks in England and coming home to spend the summer with zack, until I realized he would be spending the summer with Tina. (his excuse had been that he never sees me....HELLO dummy Im going to be home all summer.) So I was heart broken, and underweight and with my best friend Todd in a foriegn country where drinking for 18 year olds was legal. It couldnt have been a better situation!

Todd was my roomie, (hes gay) and we had the most amazing experiences ever. I paid for zero drinks during the three weeks we were there due to my amazing cuteness. (I love being a girl.)We spent several days in London "studying" Dickens, went to Dickens' house, shopped in Notting Hill, managed to get one of the Queen's guards to go out for drinks with us, saw Greig and layed in a field in the sunshine underneath the ferris wheel, stayed in the grossest youth hostel ever, almost got kicked out of said youth hostel...we went to Dorchester, played skittles (the alley kind), drank ourselves into a stupor, went home with boys that worked at the hotel, had no idea where we were or out to get back to the Kings Arms, went to the beach(Weymouth), played with sheep, "studied" Thomas Hardy...LOVE DORCHESTER!
....went to Oxford, (hate oxford), stood on Harry Potter stairs, and in Harry Potter dining hall...Went to Haworth where we studied the Bronte sisters (Wuthering Heights) and some strange Boccee like game on a tilted grassy area, walked through the moors where we got caught in a really scary, beautiful storm... such gray clouds, such wind and rain, miles from the hostel...good stuff. Then back to London for a few days of drinking, er, I mean studying Middlemarch.....

Im remembering this because I just found my journal from that summer in my cedar chest...I was pathetically heartbroken but I was funny I decided...I am a great writer (in that journal mind you, not on my thesis that I have 6 pages written of)...I opened the journal and rose petals scattered all over my floor, picked for me by an adoreable boy with a delicious accent in Dorchester. And I love Todd for being there with me and making it the most memorable summer ever.

And I wonder as I read it how many times I can let my heart be broken by the same man before I give up.....

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